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In brief:

Having been trained in Mechanical Engineering and with an MBA from MIT as a Sloan fellow, I have applied my expertise in: vehicle dynamics, leading the Corvette back to center stage as a World Class Sports Car, project management and consulting and as a legal expert witness and intellectual property expert in automotive related cases.  This is all outlined here.

By training and temperament, I find that I can capture the big picture and work with the team to get the job done.  And, no task is too daunting, not even writing an award winning book on the Corvette.

Going forward:

I continue to pursue my passion for doing creative work with a central focus on transportation vehicles be they advanced sports cars, electric and hybrid cars or off road vehicles including military trucks.   No matter what their propulsion system or where they run, they all obey the same laws of physics and can be treated as such.

Education, Major Awards and Authorship:

B.S. Mechanical Engineering.
 Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan; 1959
2014 Honored with induction into the WSU Engineering Hall of Fame
M.S. Management (Sloan Fellow). 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass;
Received the SAE’s Edward N. Cole Award for Automotive Engineering Innovation.  This award was given in recognition for “work and achievements (that) exemplify in an outstanding manner innovation in the engineering development of automobiles, their components, systems and accessories.”

Elected to Fellow grade membership in the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).   This is their elected grade of membership.  Among some 80,000 SAE members there are only about 200 Fellows

Member of the SAE’s Edward N. Cole Award Board; 1996-1998

  • General Chairman of the SAE Race Car Engineering Conference; December, 1996
  • Member of the SAE Race Car Engineering Conference Committee; 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006.
  • Keynote speaker at numerous SAE meetings.

Authorship:  Author of a major book on the history and technology of the Corvette. “Corvette From The Inside”  Published in 2002.

EMPLOYMENT/CONSULTING:  (Legal cases are in bold)
2015– Expert in a Ferrari 458 brake failure accident, Haldanes  Solicitors, Hong Kong, China
2015– Expert in a Van death case, Peter Parzygnat
2015– Expert in a Corvette fire case, Lewis Thomason
2014– Expert in an automotive death case.  Eric Kjorlie
2014– Expert in an automotive aftermarket floor mat patent case.   Wood Herron & Evans
2014– Expert in an auto injury case.  Poses and Poses
2014– Expert in an auto injury case involving handicap equipped  controls.  Goldberg Segalla
2014–  Expert in a personal injury case.  Rocky Haire
2014– Expert in a rear brake failure case.  Kantrowitz, Goldhamer &  Graifman, P.C.
2014– Expert in a vehicle refrigeration system reliability case.
Williams Walsh and O’Connor LLC
2014– Expert in a seat sensor patent infringement case.   AZA Law
2014– Expert in a Corvette VIN tag replacement suit.   Shostak
2013– Expert in a tonneau cover patent infringement case.
Kirkland & Ellis
2013–  Expert in an engine failure Class Action.  Barron & Budd
2013– Expert in a Viper loss of control case.  Greg Rohl
2012– Expert in a Corvette damage case. Christopher Fry
2012 –Consultant to Soar Tech: Artificial Intelligence software applied to cars That Don’t Crash.
2011– Consultant to Badenoch LLC on their proposal for an armored personnel carrier for the US Army.
2011– Expert in a seat belt injury case. Eric Kjorlie
2011– Expert in a HID headlamp theft case. Eaton and Wolk
2010  Technical expert in a tire failure, personal injury case.
Viles and Beckman
2009 – Expert in a dump truck durability case and a seat belt failure, personal injury case. Walker-Head (Pickering, Ontario Canada)
2008–  Consultant to Pratt and Miller Engineering, Wixom, MI.  P&M designs, builds and races the C6R Corvette for GM.  They also do contract engineering.
2008-11 Consultant to CODA Automotive an electric car maker in Los Angeles, CA, Tianjin and Harbin, China.
2007 Expert in a fascia failure case.  Murray and Murray
Consultant to Lockheed Martin Systems Integration-Owego on specialty 9 Ton GVW trucks for the US military (JLTV).
Consultant to Intermap Technologies Inc. Producer of large area, side scan radar based, precision 3D surface and road maps.
Consultant to IAM Insight, specialists in technology transfer and intellectual asset management; on hydraulic hybrid technology.
Consultant to Pinnacle Associates, consultants for the plaintiff on the Ford/Firestone tire failure case.
 Expert in an inside rear view mirror patent infringement case, Jones, Day, Reavis and Pogue
Consultant to, and member of the Technology Board of Mosler Automotive and its MT900, ultralight composite race/road car.
Consultant to Georgia Tech Research Institute for Ultra 3T, a 1.1 Megawatt, armored hybrid vehicle for the US Marines.
Consultant to Technologies M4, developers of an automotive electric wheel propulsion motor.
Consultant to Intermag Technologies Inc., developers of magnesium automotive components.
Consultant to IVM an international automotive design and development company.
ERIM-Engineering Director for COMBATT a cost share program sponsored by TACOM, to develop commercially based trucks that approach the mobility payload and functionality of the Army’s HMMWV.
Consultant to the Eaton Corporation.
Campbell & Company. Leadoff speaker in Heidelberg, Germany in conjunction with the birth of Visteon at the Frankfurt Auto Show.
Consultant to the Bose Corporation on development and marketing of its electromagnetic active suspension.
ERIM Program Manager for a Variable Dynamic Testbed Vehicle (VDTV). An onboard computer managed, front and rear steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire and throttle-by-wire, in this passenger automobile designed for human factors research into active safety. This was a Federal Government, Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Office of Crash Avoidance (OCA) project, managed for the OCA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
Automotive Engineering Analyst to Teltech Resource Network Corp.
Member of the Board of Directors, Porsche Engineering Services-Troy (MI), Porsche’s US engineering services company, a subsidiary of Porsche Engineering Services-Weissach, Germany.
Consultant to Rosen Motors Ltd., developers of a hybrid gas turbine, battery-flywheel, hybrid electric power train.
Author. Under contract to author a major book on the history of the Corvette. Published in 2002 as “Corvette From The Inside.”
General Motors Corporation. (33 years with GM.)
1975-1992 Engineering Director, Corvette.
 As Engineering Director, I was responsible for all aspects of engineering on the Corvette: design engineering and manufacturing engineering. The team of men and women power train, chassis, electrical, and body engineers and specialists I led and motivated became world class in their fields. They designed and validated the car, its components and the processes for its manufacture. They also were responsible for the application of engineering processes, such as failure mode analysis, design for manufacture and assembly, and CAD/CAM. Each part of the process led to high quality, easily manufactured, cost effective designs. The team I led also supported the marketing division in product conception, in sales, and in service. Empowered to make the many decisions that lead to a successful product, this capable and dedicated team consistently led the industry in the introduction of market-focused technical innovation.

Major Corvette Engineering milestones under my direction:

  • 1981 Led the world in the development of the first composite (fiberglass) suspension-leaf spring, for a 600% weight savings. (Today, similar composite springs are used in millions of cars and trucks.)
  • 1984 Engineered the all new current Corvette as an aluminum intensive sports car.
  • 1985 Developed the Corvette as a production race car to compete in the SCCA Showroom Stock Series. (Corvette won every race in the three year series, including all of the 24-hour races.)
  • 1986 Introduced the first 4-wheel anti-lock brakes on a sports car. (In one of the SCCA races, this system turned a sure loss into a victory)
  • 1993 Introduced the first Pass Key (an electronic anti-theft, ignition-key system)
  • 1989 Introduced the first 6-speed manual transmission (in preparation for the ZR-1)
  • 1989 Began in earnest, to plan the next (5th) generation Corvette–the C5.
  • 1990 Introduced the ZR-1 Corvette super car (375 bhp, 0-60 mph in 4.3 sec.)
  • 1990 Introduced the first of driver-side air bags in GM.
  • Established 3 FIA World Records for speed and endurance with the production ZR-1, including the 24-hour record @ 175.885 mph (4,221 miles).
  • 1992 Re-engineered of the standard Corvette engine to produce 300 bhp.
  • 1992 Introduced Acceleration Slip Regulation (traction control).
  • 1993 Introduced the first Passive Keyless Entry System
  • 1994 Developed a passenger-side air bag for the Corvette
  • 1994 Introduced the first run flat tire system (damaged tires that run without air!)
  • 1974
Staff Engineer–Corvette
  • 1973-1974
Sloan Fellow–Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • 1970-1973
Assistant Staff Engineer, Chassis: Led the team of chassis design engineers responsible for the Camaro and Nova chassis.
  • 1967-1970 
Development Engineer Led the team of ride, handling, and NVH engineers responsible for Camaro and Nova development.
  • 1965-1967 Manager, Vehicle Dynamics Test Area (Black Lake), GM Proving Grounds.  The first manager of this new facility, responsible for test and instrumentation development and the facility’s daily management and safety.
  • 1959-1965  Senior Project Engineer, Noise and Vibration Laboratory, GMPG.  Led various projects in vibration control on components, cars, trucks and military track laying vehicles.