I’m Dave. I may be able to help.

Dave McLellan is a recognized expert in product liability, forensic engineering, and vehicle accident reconstruction. Clients throughout North American have drawn upon his knowledge as an expert witness, technical expert, engineering analyst, and management consultant.

“During interviews with lawyers, I have been asked if I am a Professional Engineer? The answer is, No. I am an automotive engineer. It is impossible to test bridges and buildings to failure, but we do exactly this with every vehicle program in the automobile business. Read more »

“My training as an engineer in the automobile industry is far different. When as a chief engineer I look at a failure in use or at an accident, I see it through eyes trained to understand all the aspects that may have converged and interacted to cause the outcome. I can bring to bear the tools of engineering to show what went wrong, where in the process it occurred and who is responsible.” Read more »